Summer Newsletter 2024

We would like to acknowledge the lands of the Bunurong /Boonwurrung people, traditional custodians of this place known as Ballern Ballern (place of 2 creeks). We pay our respects to the Land, the people, and their elders past, present and emerging and recognise that sovereignty to the land has never been ceded. We promise to walk softly and gently on this land.

Save the Briars

You will be aware of strong community concern regarding Mornington Peninsula Shire's decision late last year to approve the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience event inside the Wildlife Sanctuary at the Briars in coming months.

Our natural environment is precious and the biolinks and vulnerable wildlife habitats on the Peninsula need to be protected.

To date there have been 18,744 signatures on the petition advocating for the re location of this event.

If you would like further information or the opportunity to sign the petition visit

Notes from the Field

Happy New Year.

It is a summer like no other. With abundant rain comes a mass of green growth and weirdly Funghi (Omphalotus nidiformis!) The Reserve looks in good health with funded works progressing well. Our National Tree Day site is GROWING with some of the plant guards removed.

Melbourne Water has continued to fund Naturelinks in Sunshine Creek, adding real value to tackling those English ivy hot spots.

English ivy is a scrambler that trails along the ground and climbs up high in the trees where it can produce and cleverly disperse seed more easily. We have pulled out huge amounts of this noxious weed. Blackberry is also a target species.

Works have started for our most recent successful Mornington Peninsula Shire Biolink grant from the Esplanade to corner Edward Drive. We are working through this area targeting all scrambler and woody weeds including Boneseed, Polygala, Pittosporum, Genista, Blackberry, Bluebell creeper and Asparagus fern. Removal of these weeds will allow natural recruitment and some planting of canopy species.

Garden escapees such as Agapanthus sp. (below) continue to menace bushland. It is always important to cut the seed heads off to prevent further seed drop and dispose in green bin waste. The Spider plant has also carpeted huge areas.

In coming weeks please stay vigilant during the summer period and keep your properties maintained to reduce fire risk. Think about your pets, particular valuables, fire plan and family movements on high fire danger days. Download the CFA app on your phone for up to date information and alerts.

Pia Spreen

Many hands make light work

Thank you to all those who supported our Sunshine events late last year.

We really couldn’t do our conservation work without our wonderful community of engaged volunteers and look forward to seeing you all during 2024.

Our monthly working bees are last Sunday of the month.

Save the Dates and Stay Connected 2024

January ‘Walking on Sunshine’ Bee

Sunday 28 January 9 am – 11am

Meet Cnr McLeod and Jackson Street with Pia to learn and explore in our Reserve. Please bring along a bottle of water, sunscreen, hat and wear suitable clothes and shoes. Please register.

Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday 3 March 9 am @ Hearn Road/Esplanade, Mt. Martha. It is Sunshine’s 23rd year of participation. We will work along the Esplanade to the Pillars while others may choose to collect a bag, and clean up an area of their own choice, to return for collection. Step Up and please register.

National Tree Day Connect with Nature

Sunday 28 July @ Sunshine Reserve
Meet McLeod Rd Entrance (Opposite Barrow and Spencer St) Mount Martha.


A reminder please be careful on our roads and slow down especially driving through wildlife habitats and corridors such as nearby Forest Drive and Panorama Crossover.

For any wildlife emergency please call 03 8400 7300 or visit the site below.

Slow down to protect our wildlife.

Our Sponsors

Thank You

Please support Bendigo Bank, Warlimont and Nutt and Hop Nation as they support our local bush land and it’s capacity to thrive. We couldn’t do our work without them.

In addition to our current sponsors, we would like to take this opportunity to reach out to potential new partners. If you or your organisation are interested in supporting our mission, or you know someone who may be interested, contact us to learn more about the various sponsorship opportunities available. Please call Angie Fly on 0408 188 384.

Walking on Sunshine

Welcome to all our new members and thank you to those existing members for your invaluable support.

This year your contributions are paying for our 12 month Fauna and Flora survey, a crucial tool for conservation planning, and ensuring the long term health of Sunshine Reserve. Feel free to donate or renew your membership.

Step up and Become a Sunshine Reserve Member Today

And don't forget to follow our socials and website to keep up to date with all things Sunshine ... care, connect, explore ... you won't regret it.

friends of mt martha

We are also grateful to our friends in other community organisations who support and collaborate with us. Such associations grow organically and this ‘cross pollination’ help our environmental community to thrive.

Friends of Mt Martha Park is a volunteer group meeting monthly (10 am Saturday 2 March) to help manage the weeds, plant trees and share a couple of hours with like-minded people. Mt Martha Park, 53 hectares of native bushland, is an important part of our biodiversity corridor.

For further information visit their Facebook page: Friends of Mt. Martha Park.

Bendigo Bank
Warlimont & Nutt
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Melbounre Water
Hop Nation