Flora & Fauna

The diverse flora in the Reserve provides valuable habitat to a wide range of wildlife:

  • Snow Gums in the upper reserve
  • Manna Gums to Coastal Banksias and Sheoaks
  • Melaleuca scrub, ferns, and indigenous orchids and grasses along the creekline

Resident mammals and marsupials include:

  • koalas
  • grey kangaroos
  • black-tail wallabies
  • echidnas
  • sugar gliders
  • bats
  • brushtail and ringtail possums
  • agile antechinus
  • native swamp rats.

Reptiles and amphibians include:

  • blue-tongue lizards
  • numerous smaller skinks
  • copperhead and tiger snakes
  • tree frogs
  • toadlets
  • long neck turtles

There are over 75 species of birds including:

  • kookaburras
  • white and black cockatoos
  • parrots and rosellas
  • hawks
  • currawongs
  • honey eaters
  • fly catchers
  • wrens
  • finches

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