About Sunshine Reserve

Unique remnant bushland reserve…..

Located on the banks of the Sunshine Creek, which flows 2 kilometres from near Forest Drive down the hill to empty into Port Phillip Bay, Sunshine Reserve is a biolink to Mt Martha Park and Fairbairn Reserve.

The Boonwurrung people called Sunshine Creek ‘Ballern Ballern’, thought to be derived from the indigenous word for creek, ‘Balun’. With another smaller creek, behind McGregor Avenue, also entering the bay near Hearn Road, Ballern Ballern, is the ‘place of two creeks’.

The Creek’s first European name was Granite Gully. Quality grnaite was quarried for building purposes along hte Creek’s southern banks in the 1800’s. Evidence of quarrying can still be seen today.

In anticipation of future residential expansion of Mt Martha, the area was officially reserved as a drainage reserve in the 1830’s.

The current Reserve name is most probably coincident with the naming of Sunshine Drive as part of the residential development during the 1950’s.

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